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Jiangmen XinXinHe Hardware Products Factory

2018 The 16th Guangzhou International Hospitality Supplies Fair.

  • Establishment Date:1985年
  • Brand:

  • Enterprise Type: Production enterprise
  • Product Catagory: Kitchen equipment
  • Product:
  • Website http://www.cnware.com
  • Address 广东省江门市蓬江区荷塘为民北昌东路156号
  • Contact: 0750-3736149、3752818、3752722
  • Booth unmber:

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Jiangmen XinXinHe Hardware Products Factory is a professional enterprise integrating the production, processing, distribution and wholesale. Specialized in s/s soup pot, precervation barrel, dining cart, tray trolley, working table, steamer rack and so on.

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Exhibition Introduction
78平米小家  装出120平米的空间!设计师小助与你分享精美效果图!


The 15th China (Guangdong) International Hospitality Supplies Fair Date: Sept. 8-10, 2017 Venue: China Import & Export Fair