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HOSFAIR and FHW CHINA will bring you pure experience of New Zealand
admin / 2017-07-08 13:55:45
HOSFAIR and FHW CHINA will be concurrently held on Sept.8-10 in China Import & Export Fair Complex, and will show you a feast of imported food from all over the world. The exhibition area reaches 70,000 sq.m for the integration of HOSFAIR and FHW CHINA, which is expected that there will be more than 2,400 exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions to participate in.
The fair will attracted numerous exhibit group from Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Czech, America, Turkey, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Spain and Japan etc.
Now, let’s have a look at ONEPURE from New Zealand.
ONEPURE is from New Zealand, a pure island country in the Southern Hemisphere.

ONEPURE International Group LTD.
Surrounded by the ocean and far away from the madding crowd and heavy industry, it is one of the mysterious places that is free of contamination.
Located between Hawke's Bay and Bay of Plenty Region, Heretaunga Plains possesses fertile earth and comfortable climate, where there is one of the most premium water resource in the world.
Connecting with South Pacific, Whakatane River meets the geothermal aquifer that has hundreds of billions years of history. While Ngaruroro River that flows across Kaimanawa Mountain and Kaweka Mountain always fulfills the ground water under the Heretaunga Plains, forming two peculiar and perfect water resources, which are also the source of ONE PURE---Hawke's Bay and Whakatane River.

Distinction of ONE PURE
It’s natural and pure. 95% of the pollution occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, where there is a dense population. By contrast, ONE PURE originates from the deep-seated mineral aquifer of the Southern Hemisphere, which is almost free of contamination.
It can allay tiredness, which is the best choice for cosmetology. There are various kinds of mineral elements of ONE PURE, which can replenish energy for humans. Drinking ONE PURE after work or sports can allay tiredness and condition bodily functions quickly.
The active silicon of ONE PURE can strengthen the skin’s capacity of resisting from radiation, which is of beauty effect.
It’s one of the few kinds of mineral water that can be boiled. TDS OF most mineral water in the market are higher than 200, such as Evian, FIJI and so on. TDS of ONE PURE is quite low, so there won’t be incrustation and sediment after boiled. It’s quite suitable for brewing coffee and tea.
It’s suitable for babies to drink. Water necessity of babies is much more than adults, which almost occupies 84% of the their food a day. If the content of mineral substance in water is too high, it is a kind of load for babies’ kidneys.
Trace elements and mineral substance of ONE PURE is more suitable for babies, which can be used to brew milk powder.
Unlike other brands, ONE PURE provides sparkling series. There is not any sugar in it. The special flavor is the best choice with meals.

Upscale and fashionable design
Well-designed bottle and elegant color make it a artwork. Besides, various packages meet different demands in different occasions. 
Choice of celebrities
ONE PURE is the first choice for numerous celebrities of New Zealand, among which Lianne Dalziel, the Mayor of Christchurch, and Michael Hendry, the NO.1 golf player in New Zealand, are fans of ONE PURE. In the same time, lots well-known activities at home and abroad were sponsored by ONE PURE.

We, together with Exhibit Group from New Zealand, sincerely welcome your attendance!