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HOME > Activities > > A young bartender’s great enthusiasm to cocktail—Intervie
A young bartender’s great enthusiasm to cocktail—Intervie
admin / 2017-02-15 11:40:18

Looking gentle, Casper has a crazy heart to cocktail. Today, let’s know more about him and experience his enthusiasm to wine culture.

Q: Could you please make a brief introduction to yourself? How long have you engaged in the industry as a bartender? When did you begin to touch the related things?
A: Hello everyone! I’m Casper, Xiaoyang Huang. I began to study the knowledge about cocktail when I was a freshman. I graduated from college lately and I’ve engaged in the industry for 4 months.
Q: How did you get to know HOSFAIR Master Cup?
A: I finished taking part in another cocktail competition in those days. I was informed by a predecessor when I was about to come back from Shanghai. I decided to take part in the competition and wanted to anneal myself.
Q: It seemed you’ve taken part in numerous competitions. What’s the meaning of a competition to a bartender in your opinion?
A: Yes, I wished to supervise myself to read more books and practice more via taking part in competitions. As for me, firstly, competition is an alignment to examine myself. Secondly, it is a platform to get familiar with the circle. Thirdly, it is a precious experience and memory. Besides, it offers an opportunity for us to study and grow up rapidly. It’s a qualitative leap every time I finish a competition.
Q: What do you often do in your spare time? Would you go to other bars to taste their cocktail?
A: Sometimes. But actually I’m an indoorsman so I usually prefer to stay at home to surf the Internet and do some reading. Of course, bar counter and cellar are the right place for me to stay. 
Q: It can be seen that you are highly enthusiastic about wine. Can you tell me why you are fond of wine culture?
A: It is because there are lots of stories behind wine. At the back of wine, it’s an epitome of the whole society, where politics, humanity, economy, history, philosophy, biology, chemistry and physics can be embodied. A glass of wine reflects history, humanity and our world view. For example, a bottle of Bacardi Rum can reflects Cuban Revolutionary War and the alternate regime. We can also make molecular mixology or do experiment during the incessant change of thing’s existence form. You will experience a sense of achievement in a successful experiment and discover surprise inside ordinary life. Many things need to be weighed by ourselves so that we could enjoy the pleasure of exploring and seeking knowledge. I think that wine and the career of bartender offer me this kind of pleasure. 
Q: Do you have any requirement or goals?
A: There is a passage of profile in the autobiography named I AM A BARTENDER written by Kin San, which has high demand to bartender. I’m striving for this goal and hope that I could become an outstanding bartender.
Q: You won the second prize in 2016 HOSFAIR Master Cup with the work named “Ole! Latin Knight”. What was the significance of the work?
A: The inspiration of this glass of cocktail was from two predecessors, Mr.Foxyie and Mr.Wing, who were the right persons that I thought can embody the spirit of knight. They could be represented by two kinds of wine, Bacardi Rum and Sherry. What’s more, I wanted to mix these two kinds of wine because they are buddies. Rum is the national wine of Cuba and Sherry is the national wine of Spain and both of these two countries have the same strain of Latin culture, therefore, Latin Knight has a significance of this. Ole means cheering in Latin. I wanted to express my esteem to my predecessors. In the eyes’ of a freshman, his predecessor is always the person living like a knight.
Q: Would you make some innovative cocktail in your spare time?
A: I seldom make innovative cocktail. On the contrary, I spend most time making classical ones. As I’ve engaged in this industry for only a short time, I’m not professional enough to make innovation. Even though the innovation in a competition was from the improvement of classical ones. Anyway, I will keep practice hard to be more outstanding!
Q: What did you gain from 2016 HOAFAIR Master Cup?

A: I widened my eyes with other bartenders’ thoughts and felt interesting and excellent for their inspiration. Decoration of the work named Big Fish & Begonia surprised me and made me admire, which must be given a lot of patience. I’ll go on studying.

Name: Ole! Latin Knight
Bacardi Rum          40ml
PX Cherry            20ml
Oloroso              15ml
Chocolate bitters       2 drips
Trimming:  Basil leaves and passion fruit foam
We hereby thank Casper a lot for sharing his experience to cocktail. Each and every profession produces its top experts. Every person who strives in his position is a shining star. Translating the thing his loves into his occupation is absolutely a proud thing. “We must strive for money, but not just for money.”, said Casper. We sincerely wish that everyone can stay true in his mission when pursuing his dream so as to be better.

HOSFAIR Cocktail Master Cup is a professional cocktail skill competition organized by Guangdong Xinji Huazhan Exhibition Co.,Ltd., as well as a high-quality, equitable and wonderful competitive platform. The 3rd HOSFAIR Cocktail Master Cup will meet you again in Area A in China Import & Export Fair Complex in September, 2017!

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